MBA profile evalaution for 2021 intake

MBA profile evalaution for 2021 intake


Request you to please evaluate my profile based on details below. Do let let me know if any specific details are missing which can help with this evaluation.
I appreciate any help, and would like to thank you in advance!

Indian IT Male 27 years old
Schools: M7 T10 (Need advice on the schools I should target)
Profile: Software tech entrepreneur
Interested in: Full time 2Y MBA, joint MSCS-MBA programs
Short term goals - roles at the intersection of business strategy, product and technology management in tech startups
Long term goals - start my own B2B software technology company, possibly something to do with enterprise digital transformation using AI

B.Tech. Computer Science from one of the old IITs
CGPA 7.55/10
GMAT - 770/800 Q50, V45, IR8

Total 64 months (Dec 2020). All in India.

  1. 32 months as software engineer at F500 financial services company (campus placement). Fast promotion (1 of 3 in ~200 at same position with same experience), awards for Innovation and Excellence

  2. 3 months as remote software engineer at US based Machine Learning enterprise search startup

  3. 15 months as CTO(not founder) at a social e-commerce tech startup in Delhi This was probably the turning point in my career. Took a CTO role at an early stage startup as the only software engineer with an 80% pay cut and significant equity. Made a small, but noticeable dent in the influencer marketing driven e-commerce space, grew tech team to 5 (post the angel funding round), the startup raised close to $1 million funds over 2 rounds from reputed angels and VC. Quit due to differences in opinion with founders over significantly lesser spending on growing the tech team and improving the product and technology (than was agreed pre-funding). Personally lost 75% equity which was unvested at the time, as well as there was the opportunity cost of taking just bare minimum salary for over a year. Took a big financial hit while quitting - didn't have much cash left even though I had close to 4 years of experience in the "lucrative" software engineering job function - since I had also sponsored the engineering education of a younger first cousin (contributed $20k - almost 15 months of savings from the F500 job), but I didn't believe in building a tech company without necessary investment in the technology and hence quit. I am still very close to my direct reports though, since hiring them and working with them was an integral part of my first leadership experience, and try to perform the role of a career coach and mentor in whatever ways I can - networking, skills development, interview practice etc. Helped 2 of them land very well paid tech jobs at prestigious Indian startups during a tough Covid market when this one went bust a year after I had quit.

  4. Current role - 14 months as VP Engineering at B2B Enterprise software startup
    Software specifically targeted for Pharmaceutical enterprises. Leading software engineering function at the startup, grew tech team to 8 people, delivered software for F500 (1) as well as top Indian (5) pharma clients. Startup raised over $1 million from a reputed VC.

Post College

  • Member of Cricket team at first job, participated in various club/corporate matches
  • Participated in a few scattered volunteer activities, nothing consistent


  • Lead a top campus cultural club
  • Editor at college technology magazine
  • Taught underprivileged kids math and science for 1 year
  • 4th(out of ~5000) at a national IT competition organized by Deloitte
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Hope you are doing well!
I would request you to please evaluate my profile based on the details below. Please let me know in case I have missed some basic details.

27 years old | Male | Indian
Target Schools: FT Top 25 (Need advice on the schools I can target)

10th – 93.1%
12th – 92.3%
Graduation (B.Tech – Petroleum Engineering) | 8.03/10 CGPA | IIT (ISM) Dhanbad | Held leadership positions in different societies and organized fests (Music, Departmental, etc.)

GMAT - 740/800 (V-40, Q-50, IR-7, AWA-5.5)

4.5 years (as of May-end 2021) in India’s largest PSU and Oil and Gas Major as a Field-based Production Engineer (Operations Role)
-Led a team of 4 to optimize the supply of natural gas to consumers through a pipeline distribution network
-Successfully took care of different crises in work (risking lives)
-Awarded for new initiatives, speedy implementation, and HSE practices

.-Music, Art (Trained, participated and organized events since school till present)
-Volunteering (Volunteered in NGOs to teach children, organized food/health camps, etc., fundraising, etc.)

Join an e-commerce firm in operations Role

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I need your suggestion about my profile and the target GMAT score for some of my target schools for an MBA.

Target schools - M7, UCB, UCLA, Ross, Tuck, LBS, ISB

My profile:
10th - 93.1%
12th - 92.4%
Btech - NIT Durgapur 2012-2016, Mechanical Engineering, 9.15/10

Work Experience -

  1. Tata Motors - Senior manager: Aug'16 - Aug'17 - Prodution Planning and Control
  2. ZS Associates - Decision ANalytics Associate (Will be promoted to Associate Consultant in December): Apr'18 - Currently working here
  3. Entrepreneurship - Currently co-founding a platform based company. Company name and domain will be registered this week

Extra-Curricular - Certifications in Quiz, singing, dancing, olympiads,sports etc. during school
NGO experience - Worked in an NGO in Imphal from Aug'17-Feb'18 and was awarded the best Volunteer for the month of Oct'17

Post-MBA Goals -

  1. Short Term - Continuing my startup and scaling it up, joining a consulting firm
  2. Long term - Starting my consulting firm and integrating it with the startup I am currently working on

Please do suggest the target GMAT score for the target schools and my chances of getting an interview calls from these schools. Thanks in advance!


Hello All!

I would request you to kindly evaluate my profile and suggest ideal GMAT score to get an M7 admit.

Male, 27, Indian

10th- 96.8%, 2010 (English+Best 4)
12th- 97%, 2012 (English+Best 3)

B.E. in Chemical Engineering - 82.8% with First Class Honours from a top-tier Government Engineering College(Jadavpur University), 2016

Extra-Curriculars- Member of Executive Committee of Photographic Club in College for three years(2013-2016). Convenor of a national level photography contest and exhibition and organizer of an international photography contest and exhibition. Also mentored juniors in photography during the tenure. Associate Student Secretary in Departmental Reunion Committee, 2016. Photographs exhibited in several national and international exhibitions throughout the world and several renowned online photo-magazines. Also, a short-story writer in Bengali, having been published in several little magazines.

Work Ex: 4 years (Sep 2016 to present)
Lubricant Sales Territory Manager for 4 districts for a major Oil & Gas Public Sector Undertaking of Govt of India.
Joined in 2016 as Sales Officer. Was posted in a tier-2 city with a different and unknown native language and very different cultures. Led a team of six distributors and their respective teams spread over four districts including rural, urban and hilly terrain.Secondary Customer base included around 350 fuel stations, 800 independent resellers, several OEM service stations and Fleet operators, along with a huge base of auto mechanics in these four districts as the tertiary and most important part of the chain. Activities included achieving target of sales volumes, product projections and arrangements, product marketing, managing inventory , mentoring sales force, sales campaigns, BTL and customer engagement activities. Organized and presided over team trainings, seminars and other customer engagement activity like mechanic cricket tournaments, which was unique in the industry. Was awarded with 2 outstanding ratings out of the total 3 ratings received so far. Recently promoted as Assistant Manager.

During the lockdown for Covid-19, along with the team of distributors, actively helped mechanics with rations and source of livelihood.

Other Mentions:
School Topper in both 10th and 12th
Got an AIR 26 in GATE 2016
Did a online certification course on "Public Speaking" from Rochester Institute of Technology

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shadabmanzer posted Jul 13 '20 at 9:23 am

Hope you are doing well and staying safe!

I would request you to please evaluate my profile based on details below. Please let me know in case I have missed some basic details.

24 years old | Male | Indian
Target Schools: Top colleges of Canada, Not Sure of USA anymore due to uncertainty

10th - 9.2 CGPA
12th - 90%
Graduation (BE - Chemical Engineering) | 6.4/10 CGPA | National Institute of Technology Karnataka | GMAT: Will be giving by September.

4 years (as of June-end 2020)

Have had significant career growth in the past four years, started career through a startup, now working as a program manager in one of top reputed companies of India.

Work as product/program manager at USA/Canada and move on to leadership roles

Few questions:
1) What should be my target gmat score?
2) Should i still consider colleges of USA, given the current situation ongoing related to student visa and the tough immigration laws?
3) Any Schools you recommend for me to consider

Indian_founder posted Jul 12 '20 at 3:45 pm

Hope you are doing well and staying safe!

I would request you to please evaluate my profile based on details below. Please let me know in case I have missed some basic details.

31 years old | Male | Indian
Target Schools: M7 (dream school - Stanford GSB) school + Yale & Berkeley-Haas

10th - 85%
12th - 81.4%
Graduation (BE - Mechanical Engineering) | 7.2/10 CGPA | Top 10 private institutions in India | I won 6 b-plan competitions across India in college, was a Club President
GMAT - 740/800 (V-38, Q-51, AWA-5)

3.5 years (as of June-end 2020)

Failed Education Entrepreneur (2+ years )
I became an education entrepreneur in 2017. During this time, we had highly recognised programs with over 140k paying customers, 40k+ in the final year. We raised USD 275k+ from Indian & US VCs/angels. Won multiple accolades in India, USA. Speaker at TEDx and global platforms. Enterprise failed due to financial and profitability struggles.

Senior & Early Team Member @ Entrepreneurship Non-profit (1+ years)
Post shutting my startup in 2019, I joined a non-profit focused on enabling entrepreneurship in Senior Mgmt & one of the early employees (founders are known, respected globally). I lead org's efforts in seeding entrepreneurial ecosystems across two states in close partnership with Govts and others, and co-authored entrepreneurship strategy for one state. I also lead smaller projects around mentorship, etc. I also led a multi-million dollar fundraise from an international philanthropy org.

Other pro bono work:
I mentor/advise startup entrepreneurs during weekends, many programs by Indian & multilateral orgs for youth, micro-entrepreneurs.

My long term goal is to go be an entrepreneur again but in the short run I believe roles in and around startups (leadership roles in mature startups, impact/early stage VC, etc.) would be most ideal.

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