MBA profile evalaution for 2024 intake

MBA profile evaluation for 2024 intake

vvm1997 posted Jan 4 at 7:48 am

GMAT: Haven't yet given

Demographics: Female || 25 || Indian

Work Experience: 24 months (1 year Big 4 management consulting, 1 year at a US based e-commerce start-up, interned at a private-equity firm as a management intern at one of their investee firms as a part of MBA internship, interned at Citi during undergrad)

Management consulting - Worked on cost reduction projects (infrastructure and healthcare industry) with savings to the tune of 3.5 Cr. to 35 Cr.

E-Commerce start-up - Worked under the CEO and CTO on process improvement initiatives

MBA Internship at a Private Equity firm (deployed at one of their portfolio companies)

Professional Achievements:

Secured an Award during the consulting stint at the Big4 firm
Secured a PPO from the MBA internship firm


10th - 94.4%
12th - 93.85% (top 1% in State)
IIT (top 5 IITs) - 7/10
IIM (top 3 IIMs) - 3.2/4

Leadership Experience:

Department Head, NSS (IIT)
Department Head of a vertical in the business club (IIM)
Appointed to mentor and train incoming employees at the US-start-up I worked for
Mentor, Women in Consulting community

Extra-curricular Activities:

Music - completed level 4 with distinction (this was during school)

Karate - secured Gold/Silver/Bronze medals (this was when I was very young, I am not sure if this counts)

Questions -

  • What schools can I get if I could get a GMAT score of 720?
  • What GMAT score should I ideally target?
  • If I plan to target a second MBA 2-3 years down the line, what kind of work experience should I plan to get in the next 2-3 years?
  • What are my profile gaps?
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